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Welcome! Fáilte. I’m Marisa, and I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a myth worker, a story healer, and a coach for writers and creative entrepreneurs.

And, I’m the host of KnotWork Storytelling, the popular podcast where we untangle our myths and reweave our stories.

An American with degrees in Irish literature from Boston College and University College Dublin, I am dedicated to sharing the ancient stories of Ireland and celebrating all that Ireland is today.

Myth is Medicine explores how ancient stories can heal the pain of today & help us imagine a more hopeful tomorrow.

This publication is an inquiry into the nature of life, death, and creativity that extends across cultures and beyond, into the more-than-human-world.

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Marisa Goudy

Myth worker. Story healer. Coach for writers & creative entrepreneurs. Host of the KnotWork Storytelling podcast. Author of The Sovereignty Knot. A woman of the ocean raising a family in the Hudson Valley to the rhythms of the Celtic year.